Hello Beauties, I'm Kip

I curate romantic, weddings, elopements and couple portraits across the United States. I am obsessed with my amazing couples who have so much love and passion for each other. Its such an honor to capture these moments with you.

Kip Allen couples are all about tenderness, romance, beautiful art and experiences that change the way they view the world. They love capturing these moments through beautiful, heartfelt, and unique photography.

I’m down to capture your love story no matter where you are. whether we share my home state of Utah or across the ocean I’m there to curate your wedding photos in a heartbeat.

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I am pumped to get to know you better! Let's go grab a soda or coffee, my treat :) I want to hear all about how you met and your wedding day plans. If you live far away no worries mates, let's schedule a skype call so we can meet face to face!